This is the ISM demonstration store. Here you can see examples of different product types organized with categories and attributes.

Product Types

Simple Products

The Simple Product type is a product that has a single configuration (one-size-fits-all).

This might include items such as:
  • A Fire Extinguisher
  • An Industrial Torch
  • A Pipe
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Grouped Products

Grouped products display several products on one page, and allow users to select producst of interest. An example would be a themed bedroom set - you can create a grouped product and sell the sheets, comforter, and pillow cases all from the same page.

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Configurable Products

This product enables your customers to select the variant that they want by choosing options.

This might include items such as:
  • Safety Mats Cut to Length
  • T-Shirts in 2 colors and 3 sizes
  • A customizable Pipe
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Bundle Products

Bundle products are used as a container for multiple products. This might include items such as:
  • Gift Basket
  • 2 Products sold together
  • Bundle of Discounted Pipes
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Organizing Products

Product Categories

Product Categories are used to organize products into logical groups. Categories can be types of product, product uses, sales categories, or anything really. Some examples are Best Sellers, Straight Pipes, Curved Pipes.

Straight Pipes Angle Pipes Best Sellers

Product Attributes

Product attributes are properties of a product that users can search or filter by. Some examples are width, manufacturer, color, material, max temperature, etc.

10' Long Pipes Plastic Pipes Made by Paipu